Anti-Hate, Anti-Hypocrisy


I deplore whites who hate blacks. Blacks who hate whites. I deplore hatred, period. There are too many of us who feel it is ok to pick and choose whom we hate.

I condemn white on white violence. Black on black violence. White on black violence. Black on white violence. I condemn all violence. There are too many of us who feel it is ok to pick and choose those against whom we may commit violence.

I am deeply disturbed by the terrifying incidence of white police officers killing black people in this country. I am just as disturbed by the incidence of black people committing violence against any police officer, whether white or not.

I worry for this country when those on the far-right and those on the far-left both take to the streets with the deliberate intention of causing harm to each other.

Again, as I see it, the problem in this country is not just hate, or violence, or killing. The deeper problem is our hypocrisy. When we talk of equality. But privately we feel free to discriminate in our legitimization of hatred, violence and killing.

And to be absolutely clear, if we do not condemn all hatred, violence and killing, then that which we do not explicitly condemn, we implicitly approve.

Hatred, violence and killing never resolved anything. At some point, it is only sitting down and talking, overcoming differences, and planning a peaceful way forward that leads to real change.

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Author: hatenoonegeoff

I am a dual British-American immigrant to the United States. Where I have lived for some 25 years. Mostly in disadvantaged areas of the South. I deplore racism. Dislike all -isms. Advocate against hate and violence. But in a manner that eschews hypocrisy.

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