AntiFa and Nazi’s in USA are both violent


For those of you who insist that it is only the far right in the US who are violent. Let me introduce you to one of the violent factions of the far left – Redneck Revolt.

I’m not making this up. This faction, and several others (‘Pink Pistols,’ ‘Black Gun Owners Association,’ and ‘John Brown Gun Club’), were themselves introduced to me in a separate discussion thread.

People. This is getting dangerously out of hand. And do not believe for one moment the tripe you hear about the need to protect communities.

Whether on the far right or the far left, these are all people who do not respect any community. If they did, they would seek the democratic approval of their communities to employ violence on behalf of those communities. They don’t. Period.

They are dangerous thugs. Whose only interest is the destruction of community. The tearing down of system and democratic order. So that they may be left alone to do what they wish. Without accountability to anyone. Period.

I have written previously about attempts to translate the current genuine grievance in our society into violent moves to rip apart community and democratic society.

I deplore all hate and violence. Violence within a society never achieved anything but destruction and more hate. The only protest that has ever resulted in meaningful and lasting change has been non-violent protest.

I set out below what I have already said in the other discussion thread about any and all violence of the anarchic right and left:

“Wow. And you truly think that all of this ‘meet hate with hate,’ ‘intolerance by another name’ is really going to bring justice to this country?

I maintain that we are where we are right now because no-one has actually done what was necessary to bring opposing sides together after the last US Civil War.

And now you want another one. Where your idea of nation-building after the event will be … what? Or does your plan truly begin and end with violence? Is it really your ambition only to tear down? To what end?”

And …

“We were having so much fun. And then you slip back into the slogan thing. “Bringing tea-sets to gun-fights.” Oh c’mon. You are not playing to the Antifa gallery here.

This is not about tea-sets. It’s not about gun-fights. Let’s get back to basics. I did this whole debate with the Black Bloc wannabe’s and Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro.

The system is broken, goes the cry. Non-violent protest is dead. We need to be violent. From people who do not want any system. Who will happily contribute, with words and actions, to the perception that the system is irredeemably broken. Just so they can advance their own agenda of nihilism. An agenda which must, by definition, eschew any attempt at reform of the system through the system. Because any acknowledgement that such reform might stand a chance has to recognize a system they want only to sweep away.

And on the subject of ‘lines,’ I see virtually no line between the above and what you have been advancing in this thread.

I too am concerned about the actions or inactions of the police. But reform is possible. We are nowhere close to needing the citizenry to take up arms against an overbearing government. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous. It smacks of someone just finding an excuse to rail against the system. Rather than trying to use the system to undertake meaningful reform. Demonstrate to me attempts you have taken to reform the system, attempts which have failed after much effort, and I might start buying the line about needing to take to the streets violently.

In the meantime. There is no gun-fight. There are people waving sticks. And one ugly monster driving a car. That is not a breakdown of society. Or violence uncontrolled. Protest peacefully. In numbers. Again, history shows that non-violent protest works. Violent protest merely turns people off the cause. And while we’re here, let’s not even try to equate (as you did earlier) interaction between protesters (and what should be our response: violent or non-violent), and what should be my response to a government wishing to commit genocide against a section of my society. We are nowhere close to the latter.

Neil, just admit it. You find yourself close to being in bed (at the very least) with people who do not believe in any system. Who have no vested interest in attempting reform, because to do so recognizes a system. And you just want to find a way to justify you and those bedfellows being allowed to hit a Nazi.

And, for the record, if I thought that dressing as a clown, and inviting Nazi’s to tea, would stop the hate, I’d do it. But, until someone persuades me of that possibility, you won’t find me bringing tea-sets anywhere. What you will find is me writing about the historical success of non-violence.”

We need to find a way to stop all hate and violence. Now. Before it is too late. And again. If you stand by and do nothing, it is as if you were throwing the first Molotov.

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Author: hatenoonegeoff

I am a dual British-American immigrant to the United States. Where I have lived for some 25 years. Mostly in disadvantaged areas of the South. I deplore racism. Dislike all -isms. Advocate against hate and violence. But in a manner that eschews hypocrisy.

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