Why don’t I condemn White Supremacists?


I do. I condemn all hatred and violence. Whether it parades as defensive, or not.

But why do you seem to spend more time condemning AntiFa? Because the white supremacists aren’t hiding. They aren’t pretending. They are ugly. And hateful. And violent. No-one has to spend time defining them. They are there for all to see. And for all to condemn.

Now. Take a moment to wade through the literally hundred or so comments (to be found on my Facebook Page, linked to at the end of posts on this blog) taking me to task for condemning the hatred and violence on the far left. Observe all the twists and turns in which supporters of the far left engage in order to pretend they are nothing more than harmless Yarn Bombers.

That’s why you find me focusing on the far left more than the far right.


Author: hatenoonegeoff

I am a dual British-American immigrant to the United States. Where I have lived for some 25 years. Mostly in disadvantaged areas of the South. I deplore racism. Dislike all -isms. Advocate against hate and violence. But in a manner that eschews hypocrisy.

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